Svakarma Partner DeAsra Foundation

deAsra Foundation is committed to enabling people to start, manage and grow small businesses successfully. deAsra offers a platform wherein, setting up, managing and growing a small business is made simple and entrepreneur-friendly through a broad array of support services. Each of the services is simplified, benchmarked, tech-enabled, and expert-led, with customer-friendly functionality, convenience and speed.

Pradnya Godbole, CEO of deAsra, shares her perspective with us

How can MSME entrepreneurs benefit from deAsra’s services?

deAsra has a wide variety of well researched, readily accessible services and tools for small entrepreneurs. deAsra offers help with everything from compliances, to marketing support, to professional services like packaging, labelling, and barcoding. For such services, business owners are connected to verified and empanelled service providers who offer quality services in reasonable timelines All services, including cost and TAT, are mentioned on deAsra’s website.

deAsra also provides free online checklists (e.g. for creating marketing material), online tools (e.g. for improving business performance or checking business compliance), and templates (e.g. for employee appointment letters).

What are some of deAsra’s most useful services that have helped MSME entrepreneurs manage or grow their businesses?

deAsra has a network of mentors with industry experience across a range of sectors. These mentors can provide guidance and advice to entrepreneurs on specific queries or more generally on Business strategy. In addition, deAsra offers a whole range of services, including assistance with cash flow management, Business Planning, Compliance for business, an assessment of business performance and suggestions for improvement, marketing support (social media strategy, business cards, flyers design, etc.) and much more. All details are available on the website.

Are these services available to MSMEs across India?

Yes, MSMEs across India can avail deAsra support and services (except the State specific licences). Entrepreneurs can request services on deAsra’s website. All communication is done via phone/email. Payments can be made digitally.

What has been the response to deAsra’s services?

deAsra has so far helped about 70,000 businesses across India. From Manufacturing to FMCG, Beauty & Fashion to Software Technology, we’ve helped diverse small-scale businesses launch, grow and thrive across verticals and domains. You can read about some of our successful dePreneur stories on the website. You can also learn more by following deAsra’s Facebook page or reading our monthly magazine ‘Yashasvi Udyojak’.

We look forward to supporting Svakarma’s customers. Please do reach out if we can help you grow your business.

To learn more about deAsra’s services (including costs and timelines), and to register for deAsra’s services, please click here.