Our Products


  • We adopt a flexible approach in structuring financing solutions for business needs of the enterprise, linking the repayments of the loan to the underlying cash flows of the enterprise.
  • We offer business loans that are customized for the underlying nature of the businesses.
  • Our Relationship Managers are trained to understand the requirements of our customers and offer financing solutions.

For Micro-enterprises

Machinery and Asset Purchase

Svakarma offers term loans for asset purchases, such as machinery, office equipment, etc. to enable business expansion

Tenor: 3-4 years

Rate: 15-30%*

Secured against machinery / equipment being purchased and other collateral like property, insurance policies, current assets etc.

Working capital term loans

Svakarma offers term loans to assist the customer's working capital cycle and cover operational needs

Tenor: 3 years

Rate: 15-30%*

Secured against property, insurance, hypothecation of current assets, machinery


Svakarma offers timely finance to customers against purchase or sales invoices to cover short-term cashflow mismatch

Facility tenor: 3-6 Months

Rate: 15-30%*

Secured against collateral like current assets, property, insurance, etc.

* Interest rates are dependent upon the risk grading of the enterprise . Our risk assessment parameters include vintage, stability, experience of the entrepreneur, availability of cash flows, available security, industry outlook, etc.


For Small and Medium Enterprises

Write to us at businessdevelopment@svakarma.com with your contact and business details and our relationship managers will get in touch with you shortly.