Svakarma Partner Udyogwardhini

Udyogwardhini is a Start ups, Entrepreneurship & Skill Development Organization based in Nashik, that provides practical training and mentorship to entrepreneurs through start-up programs and skilling courses.

It was started in 1995 by Sunil Chandak, who has been working with entrepreneurs for over 35 years.

Mr Chandak, President and Director of Udyogwardhini, shares his experience with Udyogwardhini.

How does Udyogwardhini help MSME entrepreneurs?

Udyogwardhini hosts several training programs that may be relevant to existing entrepreneurs. For example, free seminars are regularly held on topics such as:

  • Expand your business globally: Export-Import with global management
  • Crash course in Digital Marketing
  • Business opportunities in the Solar Sector
  • Entrepreneurship Development Programs
  • Opportunities In Food Processing
  • Work Shops on Design Thinking & Artificial Intelligence

We have also collaborated with Svakarma on some such programs, for example, on events relating to women entrepreneurs, and Paithani weavers.

Udyogwardhini’s faculty and associates all have entrepreneurial experience themselves, enabling them to give practical advice. Entrepreneurs seeking advice or guidance can also speak with our faculty for one-on-one business counselling. We are happy to extend our support to Svakarma’s micro-enterprise customers as well.

In addition, for new entrepreneurs, Udyogwardhini hosts ‘start-up camps’, which are courses over multiple weeks providing detailed practical information on specific topics such as food sector, export-import business, etc. Udyogwardhini mentors provide individual guidance and support until the business is established and operational.

What has been the response to Udyogwardhini’s services?

Since Udyogwardhini was launched, we have developed over 60,000 entrepreneurs, with an 81% success rate. In addition, over 100,000 individuals have attended our training courses.

We have partnered with several eminent institutions, e.g. Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board, Tata Group of companies, etc. We have 18+ government affiliations & 60+ Academic Affiliations. We have also received several awards, for example, “Business Icons of Nashik” by Lokmat, “Best Entrepreneur Trainer-Developer” from Entrepreneur Development Institute of India, “Best NGO Partner” by Tata Housing Dev Ltd, etc.

Can MSMEs across India engage with Udyogwardhini?

Most of our seminars are held in Nashik. Entrepreneurs in Nashik can follow Udyogwardhini’s Facebook page, where details of upcoming seminars are posted regularly.

Udyogwardhini is also beginning to build presence in Pune, Thane, Aurangabad, Jalgaon, and Hyderabad. Check the website and Facebook page for updates.